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Stanford Finance began as an exclusive financing facility for the distributors of its parent company, the Philippines’ pioneering multi-level marketing firm HDI Network. It first offered personal loans to some 100,000 distributors to help them start their own HDI business. In 2008, Stanford Finance opened its vaults to outside clients, offering loans to Hong Kong-bound domestic workers. In two years, more than 1,000 overseas Filipino workers availed of the service; that number increased exponentially to over 6,000 in 2012. Also around this time, Stanford Financed introduced a business loan and a pension loan to address the diverse needs of its broadening clientele.

Early in 2017, Stanford Finance moved to its new office in HDI Hive Campus, a modern three-story building within a verdant compound along Ermin Garcia Street. This new office provides a striking contrast to the bustle of the city with its cozy and restful ambiance. Stanford Finance takes pride in being one of the most accessible and reputable financing firms in Quezon City. With its competitive rates, welcoming service, and adherence to familial values, it remains the preferred financing partner of satisfied clients in Metro Manila and nearby provinces.



Company Name: Stanford Finance Corporation
SEC Registration No.AS94009485
Date of Registration: October 14, 1994

Certificate of Authority (CA) to Operate a Financing Company No. 154

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